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AO Vital Scan and Inner Voice for Pets

Restore Your Pet's Optimal Wellbeing with AO Scan Technology!

  • 30 min
  • *Starting at $40
  • In Person or at your home/office

Service Description

The Pet Scan was specially developed to serve as a communication tool between our pets and us. It was designed for cats, dogs and horses to help us easily identify any imbalances they may be experiencing and signs of illnesses not visible to the human eye. So, how does it work? Alll cells have an ideal frequency level at which they vibrate, and our pets are no different. AO Pet scan analyzes your pet's body to read which frequencies and emotions are out of balance It then offers optimizing frequencies to gently nudge the out of range frequencies back into a balanced state Immediately after the first scan you can play harmonizing tones to align your pet's emotional state. After a few scans you will be able to compare the data from your pet's report and begin to identify trends in those reports to determine changes needed in your pet's food, environment and general lifestyle. You will also be able to see any big problems in your pet's scans that warrant a trip to the vet Watch this video for more! **Trip Charges may apply. Comparative tracking of scan available at an additional fee.

Contact Details


Glendale, AZ, USA

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