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AO Scan

AO Scan Mobile

Balance Your Energies


The AO SCAN TECHNOLOGY program is a unique educational tool that can help you learn about how your body is performing. It communicates with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to identify the areas that may be out of balance. By identifying those areas that may need assistance, you can then make the proper lifestyle changes to optimize your health and reach a state of harmony and balance. 

AO Scan Technology provides a timely and cost-effective way for you to collect relevant information that your clients, friends, family and now pets, may require to make life-altering decisions about their body. 

Download this Informational Pamphlet to find Out More about the Different Scanning Features of the Device!

Your Body is a Miracle Brochure Download Here


This is Kaluah - our 15-year-old Pomeranian. We truly thought he was at the end of his life. To our surprise, almost immediately after scanning him, putting on his SiBin with tourmaline infused pet collar and running a customized playlist from the AO Scan - he perked up and now behaves as if he is 5!! 

Kaluah Video

Kaluah Video

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Inner Voice

Inner Voice

Balance Your Energies

Think you can beat a lie detector test? Think again. Your voice will always tell the truth, whether you want it to or not.

Did you know that your thoughts and emotions are carried in your vocal chords? No amount of masking your voice can change that fact.

Our Inner-Voice scan is derived from the same technology as a lie detector test. The Inner-Voice program helps harmonize your emotional state by improving concentration, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

This program records a ten second snippet of your voice to isolate and analyze imbalances in your emotional state that present themselves through your vocal chords.


The Inner-Voice report will display three notes or octaves that are excessively out of balance, as well as the main octave that is being suppressed, and four MP3 files are generated. These therapeutic songs, called balancing harmonics will then play. These tones are unique to your energetic needs. These music files incorporate radionics, binaural beats and other frequencies to support the balance of your emotional and mental well-being.


It is best to listen to these tones first thing in the morning, right before you go to bed, or throughout the day when you need a pick-me-up


Try a complimentary single session by filling out the Get In To uch form on the Home Page

Monthly packages are available for a cost of $75 per month. This includes 3 customized recordings per week for 4 weeks - a total of 12 sessions!!  

AVE Entrainment

Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE)


Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) is a technique that utilizes pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies to gently and safely guide the brain into various brain wave patterns.


By altering your brain wave frequencies, you have the ability to boost your mood, improve sleep patterns, sharpen your mind and increase your level of relaxation, all with the simple push of a button! AVE also increases brain health by increasing cerebral blood flow and stimulating beneficial neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and endorphins.

Research shows that AVE can assist with many conditions such as Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Depression, Hypertension, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Pain, Dental and TMJ, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Mental Sharpness & Balance in Seniors (Reducing Fall Risk), Sports Enhancement & more! 

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Balance Tracking System

Prior to your first AVE Session, we measure your balance and fall risk with BtrackS. This stand-alone test is an assessment tool that allows us to monitor your brain and balance improvement!

Good Balance Improves Brain Function

What does good balance have to do with preserving memory and brain function?

Our cerebellum, at the base of our brain, governs balance, as well as precision, coordination, and timing. The movements of daily life keep our cerebellum in a constant state of activity.

It’s this constant activity that keeps the rest of our brain on its toes. A healthy cerebellum (with an active lifestyle) feeds our brain a steady stream of information to keep it actively firing.

Bad Balance Leads to Bad Brain Function

This explains why symptoms of cerebellum degeneration, such as bad balance, often tie into loss of memory, poor ability to learn, and weakened brain endurance. Our brain isn’t getting enough “activation” from our cerebellum to keep it charged and running well. Declining balance is also strongly linked to dementia!

Brain Overwhelm from Bad Balance

When our outer cerebellum degenerates, it no longer filters sensory input leading to brain overload.
Symptoms may include restless leg syndrome, tinnitus, hypersensitivity to stress, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and others that you wouldn’t think could be related to balance.

Do You have Balance Problems?

  • Do you wobble if you stand on one foot with your eyes closed more than 15 seconds?

  • Can you walk in a straight heel-to-toe line with your eyes closed without stumbling?

  • Can you stand with your feet together and close your eyes without swaying?

This could be a sign of compromised brain health and needs to be measured since “What Gets Measured, Gets Improved” With a balance test baseline, we can track the progress of your Holistic Therapies, AVE training, and even the improvement from wearing your SiBin and Tourmaline Infused Jewlery!

Balance Track
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