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Omega-3 & Your Health

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I love working with OmegaQuant products! This article is from OmegQuant - short, sweet - but to the point of how important our omegas are! They can help with inflammation, immune balance and even brain health for mama and baby!

Omega3 & Longevity

People with an optimal level of omega-3s in their blood also tend to live longer, healthier lives.

In one study, researchers found the risk for death from any cause was reduced by 33% when comparing those with the highest Omega-3 Index to those with the lowest. Another study that looked at omega-3 levels in more than 6000 post-menopausal women confirmed that those with a higher Omega-3 Index had a longer lifespan.

Health Risks Associated with a Low Omega-3 Index

OmegaQuant’s Dr. Harris believes it’s no coincidence that there is a widespread epidemic of heart disease and brain health isssues around the world as well as a relative deficiency in omega-3 intake. In fact, a study published in 2016 showed that most people globally don’t consume enough omega-3s to reap their protective benefits. It showed that most countries have an Omega-3 Index of 6% or below —8% is optimal.

You can easily check your omega 3 levels with using OmegaQuants at home finger prick test kits. They have Omega-3 Index Basic, Omega-3 Index Plus and the Omega-3 Index Complete. Check out their other "At Home" test kits as well. You can even test your pets Omega-3 Levels! Hop over to for more! I am offering a 5% Discount on your kit purchases by using the code LBHealthy5.

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